May 2, 2015
Mt. Pleasant, MI
Middle of the Mitt Festival, Wayside Central
May 22, 2015
Orchard Lake, MI
Polish Festival, St. Mary's Prep
Jun 6, 2015
Detroit, MI
WYCD Hoedown - West Riverfront Park
Jun 12, 2015
Nashville, TN
Wildhorse Saloon
Jul 10, 2015
Jefferson, WI
Jefferson County Fairgrounds w/Chris Cagle
Jul 18, 2015
Waterford, MI
Quake On The Lake, Pontiac Lake Recreation Area
Jul 20, 2015
Goodells, MI
St. Clair County 4H And Youth Fair
Jul 23, 2015
Yerington, NV
Night in the Country, Full Moon Saloon Opening Party headliner
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Tonights The Night!

Apr 23 , 2015 | Posted by: Gunnar | 0 Comments

Good Morning, good day, happy ThursdayTonight s the night, ba na na na naa,

do do do dooo tonights the Night!" Lol. That's a good Neil Young song. SeriouslyTONIGHT is the the night we play the Five Star Dive Bar near South Bend, Indiana. For those that relate with sports, it's the town of Notre Dame, for those that are more geographically gifted its slightly south east from the bottom of Lake Michigan. A beautiful town offering peace and unity to its neighbors to the north. While I was visiting B100 “Today's Best & Most Country” I noticed most of the city buildings had a Michigan flag next to the Indiana, and United States flags. This is  probably because its a boarder town. Oh yes the famous boarder towns, where both states can't seem to regulate it and Cowboys run the range. Its no wonder there's such a honky tonk located in B100 Country, The Five Star Dive Bar is a bad ass, big stage, huge sound system, no more than 500 person venue. We have played it once before, and for those of you who had gotten snubbed by me back in October do to strep throat, I pray for your forgiveness, and am delighted to tell ya’ll I’m feeling rough and rowdy for a night filled with Electric Guitars, American Flags, and 1 Johnny Cash Song!


Come Listen to Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys 9:30 - 12:00 at (insert hyperlink to event/ or address) , we will be meeting and greeting all of you at our merchandise table between sets at 10:45-11. And again 12-12:15 after. Pick up a disk, or a hat, I’ll wipe Shane’s sweat on it and you’ll never forget the night we’re bought to have! 


Stay Grizzly 

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Apr 17 , 2015 | Posted by: Chris | 0 Comments

Last week we asked if anyone had any questions for the band.  Well, we got some questions and answers to those questions.  These are kind of fun.  We'll do more sometime!

1.  Guilty pleasure songs? What are you guys ...

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Grizzly Vegas Weekend

Apr 16 , 2015 | Posted by: Gunnar | 0 Comments

Oh, yo, yo, yolo, back on the blog residing from Grizzly Acres atop Ross Roy Ridge as we anticipate an amazing weekend in rock history.

It was 2009 when I met a slightly beefy, over athletic-looking drummer who quickly caught on to the ...

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