Oct 9, 2015
Springfield, IL
Oct 10, 2015
Indianapolis, IN
8 Second Saloon
Nov 1, 2015
Marquette, MI
Berry Events Center @ Northern Michigan University w Dustin Lynch
Nov 13, 2015
Rockford, IL
Nov 20, 2015
Madison, WI
The Sett, U. of Wisconsin Union-South w/Old Dominion
Nov 21, 2015
Big Rapids, MI
The Gate
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Two For Tuesday

Aug 25 , 2015 | Posted by: Gunnar | 0 Comments

Today we played ​"Country ​Girls" twice on a favorite mid-morning show​, ​eightWest​, in Grand Rapids. Why twice? Well​, for the two most beautiful country girls on your TV, of course.  Rachael Ruiz and Terri DeBoer each needed ​her own rendition and for good reason. With a birthday for the ​brunette and a true passion for ​"Standard American​" from the ​blonde​, it was our pleasure, hanging out at the good vibes studio of Wood TV 8. Rachael​, I'm sorry for the terrible attempt at making up a song other than ​"Happy ​Birthday​" while your gorgeous family was displayed in celebration of your big day. ​LOL! Terri​, be car​eful what you offer the Grizzly Boys and warn your kid down in Nashville that you said we could crash on his couch, ​Haha​, I hope to play a show down there soon​ and ​we can meet. Thanks​, Girls! 

​eightWest is most cool because the hosts listen and rock out with you, demanding a fun and entertaining performance. The whole crew does such a good job of cranking the sound system, making a comfortable zone with good racket.  It's a lot of work and I've seen them welcome the Grizzly Boys and other crazy bands like The Legal immigrants with open arms, and they made us sound good. 
Lastly​, this morning​'s appearance was to promote our show Friday for the​ Ionia Country Jam, the Wounded Warrior fund raiser at Ionia Country Fair Grounds. Come watch Trace Atkins, he's a legend! Yesterday I had to listen to a promoter tell me to "hit my socials hard"... I'm only one guy and ​we need your help to spread the word by sharing in your social network. Please share this blog and invite friends out for the best GGB Grand Rapids Festival appearance this summer! We're pumped! Stay Grizzly​!
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Thank You, Missouri

Aug 23 , 2015 | Posted by: Gunnar | 0 Comments

Thank you, Missouri State Fair and Joan at Buddy Lee for four amazing shows and a hefty pay check to boot! Summer's near its end and that's often the time when we regain spirit, outlook, and perspective, as a band. This year couldn't be more ...

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