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Good Rhythm ::: HALLELUJAH

Good Rhythm ::: HALLELUJAH

Nov 21 , 2016 | Posted by: Chris | 0 Comments

(Gunnar Nyblad)

“I have been playing those 3 chords on an acoustic guitar since high school. It sounded like a Christian rock song and after a while, everyone always starts singing Hallelujah. I introduced this song to the guys one very late night in Kentucky. There are actually about 17 verses to this song that didn’t make the cut. The album is done. Hallelujah.” - Joe

“I don't know if the band knows how much I appreciate when they sing. Like Snake Farm this song is another that would pop up at the right time all the time. Because this is our first complete album in a very long time it seemed right to celebrate its completion at the end. I'm so happy Good Rhythm is finished and in the universe for the rest of my life and beyond.” - Gunnar

“At about 2:30 in the morning, in a barn-turned-studio in the Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky, all of us together in one room with a half gallon of Canada House, we began performing a praise song...and after everyone would improvise a verse, we'd all come together belting out this Hallelujah chorus. And somehow, it ended up getting it's own track on the album.” - Rob

"Hallelujah was originally supposed to be part of Higher Than an Eagle (following the epic key change at the end of the song) and I still look at both songs as one.  A lot of times before and after shows when we're hanging out we bust out an acoustic guitar.  This is one that we'd always sing and rap over.  I don't know how it wound up on the album but it did...and I think it makes for an interesting end of the album.  Ups and downs all the way.  I'm glad we could end it on  a positive note.  Now go back to track 1 and start the whole thing over!" - Chris



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Lyrics:  / hallelujah, hallelujah //

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