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What a week for Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys!

Oct 16 , 2015 | Posted by: Gunnar | 0 Comments


Last Friday started off with a kick​-ass show at a band favorite club called Boondocks outside of  Springfield​, Illinois. We may not have had time to find Lincoln's grave but did have plenty of entertainment before​,​ during and after the show. Meeting real rednecks like Moo and local band leader Robbie Mitchell helps us consistently enjoy life on the road in the fly over states.

Speaking of more clubs inside cornfields​,​ Saturday the Band and I​ had another wild night at Indianapolis' Eight Second Saloon.  We have seen this 2000+ capacity club full while touring with our good buddy Colt Ford two years ago. We don't have quite the draw of the God​father himself, but the raw potential of this great American honky-tonk keeps us striving for bigger shows, more radio support and continual fan/friend growth in the Indy area. Keep an eye out for us to return with some good country at both ​Eight​ ​Seconds and Boondocks.

Sunday​,​ we arrived in Nashville to meet o​u​r booking agency and showcase for the second year at the IEBA convention. This showcase yielded festivals such as Runaway Country in Melbourne FL, Moondance Country Jam in Northern Minnesota, and A Night in the Country outside of Reno​,​ Nevada in the desert town of Ye​r​rington! With high hopes of reclaiming last summer’s amazing spread of festival ​stages ​we belted and smelted our faces and fingers for a whole ten minutes in order to convince buyers they’ve got to ​b​ook GGB for the next big country shows! IEBA ended with a notable photo shoot that landed us on the website showcasing the sweat off our brows ​and ​hard-working showmanship of the Grizzly Boys!

To ​w​rap it all up, we rented a rehearsal room next to the band that sings Eye of the Tiger and performed a most formal private showcase in order of making the best record and releasing it at the highest level in the Bizz. I can't say much cause we're still working with pencils and nothing is chi​s​el​e​d in stone for our future​,​ but if all goes well we will be in good hands as we rise to the for​e​front of Country Music as a homegrown band representing unity and brotherhood.

For six years Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys has remained true to its music. Don't worry about us losing our way​; it's taken car​e​ful hard work to get us in front of some influential ears and I officially can brag and boast we put our best effort forward and gave a performance that should stick in folks heads as they groom the countryside for the next big thing. Thanks for your support and tell a friend about the good news of the little band that could!

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Two For Tuesday

Aug 25 , 2015 | Posted by: Gunnar | 0 Comments

Today we played ​"Country ​Girls" twice on a favorite mid-morning show​, ​eightWest​, in Grand Rapids. Why twice? Well​, for the two most beautiful country girls on your TV, of course.  Rachael Ruiz and Terri DeBoer each needed ​her ...

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